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Lisa Karrer:
Voice and Composition

"The one-woman wonder Lisa Karrer creates a vividly staged multi-media re-telling of a 17th century Javanese folktale."
The New Yorker, October 2003

"Lisa Karrer is a living example of how eastern and western tradition and experimental spirit in music creates innovative qualities."
Evi Arujaru, Postimees, Estonia July 25, 2003

"Clearly rendered are the beautifully painted cubist shadow puppets and the harmonious voice of Lisa Karrer... moments of solitary eloquence."
Charles McNulty, Village Voice 2002

"Lisa Karrer conjured up a Peter Maxian (non-evil) axis bold as love."
Eva Yaa Asantewaa Village Voice 2002

"Lisa Karrer‘s stirring rendering of a Yiddish Holocaust song made an impact...in another other-than-usual arrangement of the popular "Moon River", Lisa again proved her class...detecting great bitterness beneath the sweet lyrics."
Indonesian Observer January 2000

"International composer Lisa Karrer showed herself to be a vocalist of great ability...pulling the audience along with the emotion of her voice."
Pembaruan Hiburan January 2000

"The New Jakarta Ensemble featured vocalist Lisa Karrer reciting Chinese poetry in a style alternating between a shepherd calling her flock and a wicked-sounding witch from the Wizard of Oz."
Iris Brooks, Drum Magazine May 2000

"The Simons-Karrer Band has abducted the audience on an eccentric journey to understanding their musical landscapes. Their music is highly original and can‘t be imitated..."
St. Johan, Austria Dec‘ 98

"Comprehending the meaning of a foreign cultural message and opening it in a new context for herself and for others is characteristic of Lisa Karrer and her group."
Vaike Sarv, Sirp, Estonia‘ 97

"I don‘t remember if I dreamed it or someone told me
that the voice of Lisa Karrer expressed horror.
Horror of one‘s own memory."
Esta Tatrik, Postimees, Estonia ‘97

"A fluid vocalist...
I especially admired Lisa Karrer's emotively quicksilver vocal techniques."
Kyle Gann, Village Voice ‘96

"...a vocal acrobat...
she is virtuosically changing from melodic singing, screaming, cooing, whispering and insect sounds."
Von Ulrike Till, Mainzer Rhein Zeiting, Germany‘ 95

"The duo Lisa Karrer and David Simons was joined by Tunnetusuksus, and together they played an unbelieveably exciting and mind-bending set."
Mart Jaanson, Eesti Paevaleht, Estonia December 4, ‘95

"Lisa and David easily destroyed all stereotypes. They have re-discovered Estonian music, both in its ancient 5000 year old forms and in its contemporary validity."
Eesti Paevaleht, Estonia August ‘95

"The New York Performance Artist Lisa Karrer and the Experimental Musician David Simons showed quite clearly where the development of future art directions should go. Humorous, exciting and not a minute of boredom."
Feuilleton, Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany ‘95

"A godfull voice..." Tonis Leemets, Eesti Paevaleht, Estonia ‘94

"Weird and wonderful...lively lunacy...a psychotic Joni Mitchell...original and poetic. She seems to have invented her own form."
Susan Shapiro, New York Post ‘93

"Kinetically as well as musically remarkable."
Jack Anderson, New York Times ‘92

"A purity of utterance...
Lisa Karrer's music might serve as the soundtrack for profound, inner experience."
Tobi Tobias, Village Voice ‘92

"A vast vocal range...
her voice carries beyond the packaged wisdom of an emotionally recovering culture into a lessonless sublime."
Charles McNulty, Village Voice ‘92

"I was mesmerized by Karrer...
I can't explain why I felt so happy at the performance."
E. Kuentsler, Woodstock Times‘ 91

"A tour de force combination of singing, movement and acting...a show stopper...one of the more memorable moments of theater I have seen recently."
Peter Blum, Kingston Daily Freeman‘ 90

"Lisa Karrer's music has a masterful range, alternating between deep, earthy resonance and panicked, dramatic insistence."
Mark Gevisser, NY Newsday‘89

"She is a storyteller whose medium is song."
Markland Taylor, New Haven Register ‘90