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Living the occupation on Earth visit they feel within their several media, in the so-called history books, in their so-called love, and their so-called newspapers, stress overemotion to a point where emotion is a prime feeling, a prime need and satisfies their industrial age. They’re reaching the problem now in the 70’s that the people are gradually turning to rid themselves of pollution and other things. Their next problem would be starvation of other peoples of the world and then eventually their problem would be co-existance; which in the 80’s would be the problem of birth which they haven’t solved. In the 90’s the problem seems to be over-intellectualism to the point where people are dissatisfied with themselves and where loss of life is prime. A second period seems to be heading towards war, presumably. According to our scientists and probability it’s in the far reaching extremes. After this period ends, they will, because of their weaponry and everything, come into the near far-reaching area of what we would call our first stage.

The first stage is when our people were born on this planet LISHTA, with God himself living - which was our leader for the first generation - led us through all these periods that the Earth is going through in very short amounts of time. We have conquered the problem of birth, shorter periods of birth, shorter periods of learning facilitation. War periods amounted to very small amounts of skirmishes. The racialism they’re preoccupied with has completely disappeared, and was not even almost nonexistant here. Mainly because our emotional levels are somewhat lower we believe our society has given more time to progress through periods of self injustice.

The whole planet seems to be in infancy. The later years, we predict, past the year 2,500 would just make the breakthough into the first stage. According to our time charts we will reach third generation in near time in less than 2,000 years, but we will reach their time by that time in this time, because of our retrogressing and increasing the time area, somewhat like a rubberband, to the point where it’s stretched further, but there is a chance we could snap the rubber band.

We will, or we have reached our second generation, which would put us about 500,000 years ahead of Earth’s cycle. By the time we have reached third generation we will be in the area of (in Earth time sequence) one million years in time. Like we progressed through the third generation in let’s say . . . birth cycles 12 weeks: everyone created in less than 12 weeks. So theoretically we’ve progressed: first generation took us less than 1,000 years, but stretched over 1 1/2 million years. Second generation progressed in the area of 500 years with less than 12 weeks pregnancy because we have shortened the time. The third generation was spontaneous growth. So therefore we did not need a birth, as it would be known on Earth, a gestation period.

Therefore by the time we’ve reached third generation, which we have now, the people on Earth will have gone to five million years. Eventually they will become close to our area, although we are somewhat ahead in time. But then in five billion years they will reach the point where they will stretch time to it’s limits and retrogress to a period which we have: become infused with the universe and unlimited.

We see some of their future people in five billion year time span come by our planet looking for other life sources. This male has visited and revisited us from other missions into the future. But the "is of thee " or spirit of nature . . . there hasn’t been any pursuit and probably won’t come till about the year one million. In its’ primitive stage now, the people could not accept its advancement in time stretching. Related to our planet the Earth is somewhat similar. We have smaller plants, our vegetation and soil is somewhat poorer in nature, but because of our atom reduplication we don’t need to . . .

[at this point the tape ran out . . . ]


- David Simons 1975